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People don't care how much you know
until they know how much you care

Robert Cialdini

The extra mile

Rowland Lakké

Lilian of Quilantro was excellent in helping me with my registrations in Madrid. She is very friendly and above all flexible; she likes to go "the extra mile" for you when the situation calls for it! Many thanks!!

Rowland Lakké, Dutch, living in Madrid

Very adaptable to your needs

We decided to use Quilantro in a process where we had to establish ourselves in Spain, find a new apartment and rent out our own apartment. In this process we received a fast and attentive service. Quilantro is very adaptable to your needs making the relocation easy for you as a client. In addition Lilian Hermans has come across as a very pleasant person that engages well with people including authorities. Our assignment was done as requested and on time. This meant that our family had a very smooth transition and we could focus our energy elsewhere. We can definitely recommend Quilantro for anyone who aims to relocate to Madrid and/or navigate the rental market.

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She got a feeling about our needs and wishes

Barbara Kreisinger

My husband, Günther Hasinger, and I recently moved to Madrid from Hawaii. He took up a new job here at the European Space Agency (ESA).

Lilian Hermans at Quilantro was recommended to us by his new employer, and we were very lucky! Before coming here we read a lot on the web about the difficulties renting in Madrid (and indeed, we encountered some of these difficulties ourselves). But with Lilian, in the end this was smooth sailing. Already before coming here she got a feeling about our needs and wishes, and jointly with us identified possible places to look at. Once we arrived in Madrid we almost immediately went house-hunting together. We visited lots of apartments and there were many disappointments. But in the end we zoomed in on two very nice and acceptable places.

Then, probably the most important activity of Lilian began: negotiating with the home owners or their agents about the rental conditions. We both do not speak Spanish very well, and Lilian's help was crucial. She also helped us to transfer the utilities, gas, electricity, water, and took care of our new cable internet connection. Now we sit happily in our new apartment in Madrid and just hope that the shipment with our furniture from Hawaii finally arrives. In addition to an excellent service by Quilantro, we also have gained a new friend.

Barbara Kreiss-Hasinger, German, living in Madrid


An investment
well spent

Elsbeth de Ridder

A friend of mine recommended Lilian to me a little under a year ago, when I first mentioned my plans of relocating from London to Madrid. My friend didn't know Lilian personally, but told me about one of her friends, who used Lilian's services whilst relocating from Dubai to Madrid and who was very satisfied with the services provided.

Despite having lived in several countries, I had never used the services of a relocation specialist before and wasn't really sure what to expect. This time however, I didn't speak the language of the country I was moving to, and was therefore very happy with any help I could get. My experiences have been nothing but extremely positive and I view the services provided as an investment well spent.

Not only did Lilian provide me with a lot of help when I arrived here, her services already started a year ago before I even moved to Spain. My requested transfer with work wasn't an easy one HR wise, but Lilian was there to answer any questions involving working conditions and HR requirements in Spain, time frames, living standards and so much more. When I finally got the ok to move from HR, she immediately sprung into action.

During my first week in Madrid, we viewed many apartments (and found one within a matter of days!), set up my utilities, organised my bank account, internet and phone, looked for flexible working spaces, and booked appointments for NIE and local government registrations. Lilian came along to all viewings and appointments and did all the negotiating on my behalf. I can honestly say I could not have done this myself, especially in such a short time frame, and it has made my move so much easier.

Moving countries is always a stressful experience, but this has by far been one of the easiest and smoothest moving experiences ever. Besides her professional services Lilian is also a very personable person and I am happy to have gained a friend in the process too! I would highly recommend Lilian's services to anyone.

Elsbeth de Ridder, Dutch, living in barrio Las Letras, Madrid


House-hunting was hugely simplified

Mr Crowley

I arrived in Madrid, busy with work and logistical issues to organise. On top of this, I needed to find an apartment to live in within a few weeks of arrival. With the basic Spanish and some local contacts that I had, this would not have been an impossible task to complete on my own, but it would have been very time and energy-consuming.

With Lilian's help, the whole process was made as stress-free and time-efficient as possible. Registration for my social welfare number and for the NIE was almost trivial, and house-hunting was hugely simplified. I didn't need to contact landlords myself and of course the local knowledge when it came to rental contracts and choosing a location to live in was extremely useful.

Overall, I was very happy with the service provided and would recommend it to anyone moving to Madrid who needs to make the relocation process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Mr Crowley, Irish, Madrid



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It took me two weeks to do all the arrangements

Wouter van Reeven

Lilian Hermans proved to be a valuable help in contacting owners, making appointments and negotiating about the legal terms. Apart from that she proved to be very knowledgeable about getting a NIE and social security. In the end it took me only two weeks to do all the arrangements. Needless to say I wouldn't have been able to do so this without Lilian's help. Thank you so much!

Wouter van Reeven, Dutch, Madrid

I was looking for someone
who could set our expectations

Chantal van Hooff

We moved 6 months ago to Madrid, together with our kids (9 and 7 years old). It was the first time we had moved abroad. I was looking for someone who really understood where we came from and who could set our expectations for what Spain could offer us. Lilian has been fantastic and really helped us in finding our home, a school (international) and even riding stables and peanut butter. With her knowledge and professionalism, she helped us make 'our place' in Spain.

Chantal van Hooff, Dutch, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)

Always patient and efficient

Michael Parker

I tried to find a flat for myself when I first arrived in Madrid and got nowhere, so I contacted Lilian to help me out.

She did a fantastic job! She arranged a huge number of viewings, was always patient and efficient, and took all the difficulty and stress out of relocating.

We've ended up with a lovely flat in a great area, and Lilian even negotiated a lower rent. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone.

Michael Parker, British, living Las Rozas de Madrid

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