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Long term rental


We support landlords who live outside Spain to manage their property. This includes long term rental. What does this mean?

  • renting the property to tenants for a period of one year or more.

  • publishing your property on the for you relevant websites.

  • unlimited visits of the property with interested potential tenants.

  • checking the creditworthiness of the tenant.

  • drafting the rental contract.


Only renting out, I mean, long term rental is a FREE service for owners. We will charge the tenant instead with one month's rent plus VAT (common in Spain).

We also have special fees for mid term rental (periods shorter than one year). Please contact us for more information.

Other property management services

  • organising maintenance through repair men or home insurance

  • full stand-by service. For all issues that come up in relation with the tenant or the property.

  • intermediary for tax declarations (model 210 for non-residents)

  • collecting and disbursing rent


9% plus 21% VAT of the total rental contract value.

Say the rental contract is for one year and the monthly rent is € 1,000 €, then the annual fee would be 9% of 12,000 € = 1,080 € plus VAT.

P.S. Please note that the property management fee can be deducted for residents and non-residents in the EU from the tax you pay on the rental income!



Nowadays it could be a good opportunity to sell your house as house prices have increased recently. We can help you sell your property. Selling includes:

  • assessing the value of your property by an 'API'. An 'API' is in Spanish an 'Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria' and it means that the agent possesses of an official diploma, recognised by de API association and specific Spanish universities (such as Universidad Europea Miguel Cervantes).

  • publishing your property on specific websites.

  • managing the whole selling process. This basically means handling incoming phone calls, emails of people interested, showing the house and facilitating the legal part of the selling process.


2% plus VAT of the final sales price, with a minimum of 5,000 € plus VAT.

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In our 'free content' section, you can find an article with 20 frequently asked questions about property management and Quilantro.


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